Inverse | 2019

Creativity is the ability to perceive this mass of chaos of the universe, where everything is happening all at once, and to pick out a single thread from all that. To give it context, narrative, and meaning.

Company-building, application-building, infrastructure-building — all of this stuff — it is a creative act, and I think we could not only use more artists in technology but more recognition of the work of existing architects as artists. We need people who inspire others to make this world a place we want to live in.

Quartz | 2018

This decade will be remembered for the rise of surveillance capitalism — yet as bad as it has become, the next decade will probably be worse.

Machine learning is beginning to tie together our behavior with the ability to predict not just what we’ll buy, but for whom we’ll vote and even what we might someday invent. It’s all just the first step in training artificial intelligence, which is likely to be more disruptive to the job market than the industrial revolution.


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