Inverse: What the Early Internet Taught Me About the Power of Creativity

Author: Amber Baldet
Let’s stop asking people if they’re technical enough and start asking them if they’re creative enough.

Quartz: The Future of Money

Author: Amber Baldet
This decade will be remembered for the rise of surveillance capitalism—yet as bad as it has become, the next decade will probably be worse.


Fortune 2017 40 Under 40, #31: Baldet is here to smash any preconceptions you might have had about the banking industry. A regular at hacker conferences, Baldet handily bridges the divide between Wall Street and the crypto set.

MIT Technology Review

Baldet outlined how exciting new developments in the field can be balanced to build applications that could very well revolutionize the way transactions work in the digital age. In particular, she described how zero-knowledge proofs, a mind-bending mathematical approach to information privacy, can be integrated into all sorts of business transactions....


“The Internet of Value is just beginning to take shape, and it isn't just about peer to peer payments,” she says. “We're redefining how businesses and governments engage with each other, global citizens, and consumers. Building ethical, secure, scalable systems that work in the real world is a huge responsibility and I can't wait to share what we're working on.”


"The crypto economy is really a confluence of political, economic and technological drivers that are creating something wholly new," she tells CoinDesk. "It's fascinating."

Quartz at Work - How We'll Win: The Visionaries

In a series of interviews, these women laid bare their struggles, revealed their secrets to success, and told us about their next big idea. Whether she’s launching her career or is a seasoned veteran, an Olympian or CEO, the women in this group are united by their fierce visions for change.

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